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Un nouvel emballage pour le papier comestible arrive bientôt

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This time, we have launched a brand new packaging of edible paper for you to bring a new experience!IMG_20230315_115736


Did you ever think you could put something interesting on your drink and drink it?

 Like some cartoon picture, or some words. This seems to be magic. But it can be true!

It make your drink beautiful and full of artistry.


We have edible paper which can be put on the drink.

You can place different edible paper for different themes~

On Halloween, you can put the edible paper wit pumpkin painting on your cocktails for an even more festive vibe!


Our edible paper is made with edible ink, meeting FDA, and it’s definitely safe to human body.


Our edible paper can make your drink look more exquisite, and when you enjoy your drink, you will feel more pleasant. 

If you wan to know more,contact us:

Tel: +86 (0)27 87207098
Fax: +86 (0)27 87207098-804

Office add.: F19, Bldg. 9 Guanggu Headquarters International, No. 62 Guanggu Ave., Wuhan, Hubei Prov., 430073, China.

Factory add.: No.988 Chibi Ave. Chibi City, Hubei Prov., China.



E-mail: ventes@sinojoinsun.com
Tél: +86 (0)27 87207098
Fax: +86 (0)27 87207098-804
Bureau ajouter.: F19, bâtiment.9 Siège international de Guanggu, N° 62, avenue Guanggu., Wuhan, province du Hubei., 430073, Chine.
Ajout d'usine : No.988 Chibi Ave. Chibi City, Hubei Prov., Chine.


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